Mobility Workshop with Madison Doubroff

Madison Mobility Workshop

Mobility Workshop with Madison Doubroff

Mobility Workshop with Madison Doubroff 312 312 Eric Iverson

“Move better with less pain”

Join us for a Mobility Workshop with Madison Doubroff’s, Certified Personal Trainer @ Bionic Body / Triton Gym

Saturday, June 29th  from Noon-1PM @ S-Club

Group Training session: Everybody welcome (members and non-members)!

SIGNUP: Call 310-299 1555 or Email Walk-ins Welcome

Madison Doubroff
Madison, a South Bay native, has personally been a Functional Movement and Posture Coach for more than 10 years. Over the last decade he has influenced the health of over 2,000 clients through his online mobility program Health By Ratio, being an owner in the functional health studio Bionic Body, and managing multiple Equinox locations.

He has worked with professional & collegiate athletes in all major sports, as well as general population clients, to help them regain functional health, through customized movement & mobility plans.

The purpose of his Functional Mobility and Stability Program is to enable each individual to recondition their body back to Full Functional Ranges of Motion, through a holistic approach of not only physical techniques, but also anti-inflammatory nutrition, and mindset development.

This realignment process enables his athletes to optimize their movement patterns & performance, while empowering his general population clientele to get back to (or get started with) doing the activities they’ve always wanted to do!

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